AW Oakes & Son goes above and beyond to ensure their employees return home safe each day. Their dedication to safety is evident in their comprehensive program that combines impactful annual meetings with focused, on-site toolbox talks.

This year's annual safety summit, held on April 4th at the iconic Brat Stop in Kenosha, Wisconsin, brought together over 160 employees for a day dedicated to safety awareness and education. It served as a springboard for ongoing discussions throughout the year.

Safety First, Always

AW Oakes & Son understands that safety isn't a one-time event. Weekly toolbox talks, held directly on jobsites, allow for targeted discussions relevant to the specific tasks at hand. This ensures employees have the most up-to-date information and best practices readily available when they need it most.


Equipping for Every Situation

The annual meeting covered a wide range of essential safety topics, equipping employees with the knowledge and skills to navigate various situations. These included:

  • Worker's Compensation and Ergonomics: Employees learned about their rights and best practices to prevent injuries and maintain good physical health while working.
  • Diggers Hotline and Utility Marking: A strong emphasis was placed on locating and avoiding underground utilities to prevent accidents and protect vital infrastructure.
  • DOT Inspections: Confidence and preparedness were instilled by providing employees with the knowledge necessary to handle Department of Transportation inspections smoothly.
  • Tying Down for the Journey: Proper techniques for securing loads on trailers were highlighted to prevent accidents during transport, safeguarding both cargo and fellow drivers.
  • Gear Up, Stay Safe: The importance of using the right Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for each task and proper maintenance procedures were reinforced.
  • Equipment Upkeep and Maintenance: Employees were empowered to operate safely by ensuring equipment is well-maintained and functioning at its best.

Building a Culture of Safety

AW Oakes & Son's commitment to safety education goes beyond informative meetings and talks. It fosters a culture of safety awareness that permeates every aspect of the workday. This commitment benefits not only the employees' well-being but also contributes to the company's overall success by minimizing accidents and fostering a productive work environment.

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