A.W. Oakes & Son has been awarded a $22.25 million contract to begin work on the first phase of infrastructure improvements for the Kenosha Innovation Neighborhood (KIN). This significant milestone marks a major step forward in the transformation of 107 inner-city acres into a vibrant, mixed-use development that will revitalize the area and serve as a regional destination hub.

AW Oakes & SonThe KIN project, envisioned as a collaborative, mixed-use community, will encompass sustainable, innovation-focused offices; medical, educational, and commercial facilities; residential and business incubation spaces; and ample recreational areas. The full $1 billion project includes a $19.5 million innovation center, a test

ament to the project's commitment to fostering innovation and economic growth.
"This is a major step forward for the KIN," remarked Kenosha City Administrator John Morrissey. "The contract approved will pave the way for the installation of critical infrastructure, including roads, stormwater management systems, water and sewer lines, and other essential elements necessary for the development of Lakeview Tech Academy and the Kenosha Innovation Center. Moreover, it will lay the groundwork for future developments on the site."

The project is partially funded through a combination of grants from the U.S. Department of Commerce's Economic Development Administration, federal and state sources, and local funds. This strong financial backing underscores the significance of the KIN project and the recognition of its potential to revitalize the community and contribute to regional economic prosperity.

A.W. Oakes & Son is looking forward to starting the project on Monday, November 27th, 2023. This project will include all departments at work.

About A.W. Oakes & Son

A.W. Oakes & Son is a third-generation family-owned and operated construction company that has been a cornerstone of the Racine and Kenosha communities for over 75 years. Renowned for its unwavering commitment to quality workmanship, safety, and customer satisfaction, A.W. Oakes & Son has earned a reputation as a trusted partner for a wide range of construction projects. The company's involvement in the KIN project reflects its dedication to contributing to the growth and revitalization of the region.

About the Kenosha Innovation Neighborhood

The Kenosha Innovation Neighborhood is a transformative development poised to revitalize and transform 107 inner-city acres into a thriving, mixed-use community. Envisioned as a regional destination hub, the KIN will attract businesses, residents, and visitors from across the region, fostering a vibrant and dynamic environment. The project represents a significant investment in the future of Kenosha, showcasing the city's commitment to innovation, economic growth, and community development.


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