Hazardous Material Disposal


Hazardous Waste is waste which can cause damage to the environment or human health. The Environment Agency covers ‘hazardous wastes’ which can only be disposed using special arrangements. Substances which are life threatening such as Corrosive, Toxic and Carcinogenic or Highly Flammable and Clinical Waste fall within this category.

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How to handle Hazardous Materials Properly

  • Always put into proper and compatible containers that can be securely sealed. 
  • Sealed containers should ALWAYS be labeled with the name of the hazard, hazard class, “Hazardous Waste”, and the date
  • Hazardous waste should be segregated and stored in compatible hazard classes. 
  • Storage areas for the waste should be inspected weekly.
  • Never dispose hazardous waste down the drain or in regular trash receptacles. 
  • DO NOT fill containers completely full, a “head space” allows for waste expansion.
  • Never stack or handle in a manner that could cause the waste to spill.

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