Mobile Equipment

Excavators, dump trucks, graders, rollers, and other mobile equipment play key roles in the road building industry. However, mobile equipment can pose a risk to nearby workers, especially when the operator cannot see them.

Speed and Traffic

  • Observe all posted speed limits and traffic patterns on entrance and haulage roads. Report speed infractions immediately.
  • Reduce speed when weather or road conditions increase hazards.
  • Yield to large trucks and loaders, especially when loaded.
  • Be sure other drivers and operators are ware of you. Use flashing lights, hand signals, or radio equipment to communicate, and do not attempt to pass until you have received confirmation.
  • Do not follow other equipment too closely.
  • Never park a vehicle in a high-traffic or congested area.


  • Inspect any vehicle or piece of equipment for safety defects before operating it. Conduct pre-operation exams and complete an operator’s report after every shift.
  • Do not operate a machine that is in an unsafe condition or is not equipped with a fire extinguisher.
  • Always wear your seatbelt in any vehicle or piece of equipment. If a seatbelt is damaged or does not work, report it immediately.
  • Avoid accidents—maintain concentration, courtesy, and control.
  • Ensure that workers are clear of the equipment before operating it.
  • When operating mobile equipment, carry the load no higher than necessary to avid limited your vision.


  • Never allow anyone to ride on the side of your equipment.
  • Don’t transport people in front-end loader buckets or allow anyone to perform work from an unsupported bucket.

Working On or Around Equipment

  • Never leave a machine unattended while a bucket, blade, or other attachment is suspended in the air.
  • Block beds, buckets, forklifts, etc., against movement when the equipment is in the raised position for inspection or repair.
  • Be sure to maintain eye-to-eye contact with the operator before mounting the equipment.
  • Wear high visibility apparel.
  • Do not take shortcuts across areas where mobile equipment is working.

Remember, that working safely in and around mobile equipment is a shared responsibility between both the operator and workers on the ground. Never assume you have the right of way.