Oils, Fluids, and Fuels

Equipment such as excavators, scrapers, bulldozers, haul trucks, saws, vehicles, and lawn care equipment are tools that we use to accomplish our work tasks here at Oakes. We must take care of our tools by performing preventative maintenance, performing pre- and post-work inspections, and addressing issues quickly and correctly. Part of our preventative maintenance and equipment inspection programs here at Oakes is to inspect and fill all fluids, oils, additives and fuels that our equipment needs to run efficiently. We have a vast amount of different equipment and vehicles here at Oakes and each piece of equipment requires specific fluids, fuels, and additives in order to function correctly.

As employees, we need to make sure that we are adding the CORRECT fluids, oils, fuels, and additives to each piece of equipment. Adding the wrong kind of fluid, oil, fuel, or additive can permanently damage or destroy equipment!

·       The first place to look for indication on which item to add will be on the piece of equipment itself or in the user/owner’s manual.

·       The second place to find the information is from your site foreman.

·       If you are still uncertain about which item to add please contact the Oakes shop personnel. The Oakes shop personnel will give you the correct information you need about our equipment to get you back up and running right away.

Please contact the Oakes shop if you have any uncertainty about which fluids, oils, additives, and/or fuels to use with any piece of equipment.

Mike Schneider – Oakes Shop Manager – (608) 213-7218

Kevin Wright – Oakes Assistant Shop Manager – (262) 770-8202

Here are some safety tips to remember when performing preventative maintenance and inspections on our equipment.

·       Practice good climbing techniques and safe ladder practices when inspecting, checking, and adding oils, fluids, and fuels.

 ·     Remember the 3 for 3 rule! Take an extra 3 seconds to make sure you have 3 points of contact while climbing!

·       Make sure that all chemical containers are properly labeled. There should be no guessing about what in a container.

·       There is NO SMOKING while adding oil, fluids, and refueling equipment and vehicles. Remember, smoking is NOT allowed in ANY piece of Oakes Equipment or Trucks!  Multiple people use these, operators, mechanics and drivers.  They do not need your second-hand smoke!!!