Personal Protective Equipment - Face Protection

A major-league baseball umpire or catcher would never dream of stepping behind home plate without wearing their facemask. And there are certain jobs and tasks people in our line of work perform that also require the use of face protection. OSHA’s standards for face protection require employers to provide, and employees to use, personal protective equipment (PPE) such as a face-shield designed to protect workers from physical, chemical, and radiation hazards.

Here is an overview of some of the different types of hazards that could require the use of some type of face protection device:

  • Abrasive wheels such as those used on grinding and cutting equipment can shatter and strike you in the face.
  • Sparks and molten metals produced when working with or around certain pieces of equipment or processes can burn your face.
  • Corrosive or caustic chemicals in liquid or powder form can cause a chemical burn on your face.
  • Toxic chemicals that can be absorbed through your skin could splash onto your face.
  • The arc-flash created when welding or working around high-voltage electrical equipment can burn your face.
  • Blood or other potentially infectious materials may splatter or spray onto your face and possibly enter your eyes, nose, or mouth.

Our company has worked to identify jobs and tasks that present potential hazards to your face, and has provided face-shields designed for impact protection, chemical splashes, other liquid splashes, arc-flash protection, and other protective devices where required. Not all face-shields are alike, and only offer protection against certain types of hazards. So only use face-protection devices provided or approved by the company, or you could be injured or become ill. And if you feel we have overlooked an operation that presents a potential hazard to your face, or if there is a new operation or product in your work area that has not been evaluated, please alert your supervisor or safety manager at once so the hazard can be addressed.