Safety in Extreme Weather Conditions

Safety in Extreme Weather ConditionsWisconsin weather gets tough in the late fall and winter. Temperatures can go below zero and stay there for weeks at a time. Low temperatures are rough on machines and people. Get prepared now for extreme low temperatures. Review maintenance on machines and trucks. Make sure heaters, defrosters, wipers, mirrors and lights function. Have emergency supplies ready. Don't report to work without proper footwear, gloves, hat and heavy clothing. If something goes wrong, be prepared and don't get caught in a deadly situation.

Worksafe Tips

  • Know your company’s communication plan for extreme weather.
  • Make sure your vehicle and equipment are serviced and safe for operation in extreme cold conditions.
  • Make sure your vehicle and workplace have emergency supplies like water, batteries, charged cell phones and non-perishable snacks.
  • Be ready for adjusted work hours during a winter emergency.
  • Roads may close during a heavy snow storm.
  • Don’t travel if it’s not critical.
  • Avoid traveling to the parking lot or loading docks unless you have to.
  • Adjust delivery or service requirements to reduce the demand on the drivers or crew. Give the crews some flexibility.
  • Watch the weather. Know what weather will be over the next few days. Prepare and plan for bad weather. It’s too late if you’re planning the morning of the storm.

Safety in Extreme Weather ConditionsSafety in Extreme Weather Conditions