Slip and Fall - Slips are usually caused by a slippery surface and made worse by wearing the wrong footwear. In normal walking, two types of slips happen. The first happens as the heel of the forward foot contacts the walking surface. Then, the front foot slips forward and the person falls backward. The second type happens when the rear foot slips backward.

Trip and Fall - Trips happen when the front foot strikes an object and is suddenly stopped. The upper body is thrown forward, and a fall happens. As little as a 3/8" rise in a walkway can cause a person to "stub" his toe, resulting in a trip and fall. This can take place going up a flight of stairs. Only a slight difference in the height of steps can result in a trip and fall.

Step and Fall - Step and fall happens when the front foot lands on a surface lower than expected, such as when unexpectedly stepping off a curb in the dark.

Housekeeping - Poor housekeeping in walking areas can contribute to falls. Walking surfaces must be kept free of obstacles. One way to promote good housekeeping is to paint yellow lines to identify working and walking areas.

Behaviors - Certain behaviors can lead to slips, trips and falls. Examples include walking too fast, running, not paying attention, carrying materials that block your view, wearing sunglasses in low-light areas, and not using handrails.


  • Train new employees to prevent slips, trips and falls. Regularly retrain all employees.
  • Ensure all workers wear the right footwear for the job and the environment, whether in the office, shop, plant, feedlot or field.
  • Restrict employees from riding tractors, trucks, or other self- powered or towed equipment unless a safe seat or workstation is provided.
  • All slips, trips and falls, with or without injury, should be reported, recorded and thoroughly investigated.
  • Frequently inspect working and walking areas, watching for environmental and equipment hazards that could cause slips, trips and falls. Give special attention to the following:
    • Working and walking surfaces
    • Housekeeping
    • Lighting
    • Vision
    • Stairways
    • Ladders

**Immediate corrective action should be taken for deficiencies**