Children & Construction

Children are often keen to explore new areas and may display a natural sense of curiosity for anything new that’s going on. In the case of building work and construction, there may be temptation to go and see what’s happening, but construction sites can pose serious dangers for children.

What You Need To Know

The law says you must conduct your business without putting members of the public at risk. This includes the public and other workers who may be affected by your work

Children Keep Out!All construction sites require:

  • Measures to manage access across defined boundaries.
  • Steps to exclude unauthorized people.

While the numbers of children being killed or injured on construction sites has reduced, there is no room for complacency. Each year, two or three children die after gaining access to building sites, and many more are injured.

Other members of the public are seriously injured by:

  • Materials or tools falling outside the site boundary.
  • Falling into trenches.
  • Being struck by moving plant and vehicles.

What Are The Risks?

  • Heavy equipment – Never leave keys in heavy equipment and lock cabs if possible. Lock fuel caps. Don’t under estimate the resourcefulness of kids.
  • Sand, dirt piles – They draw even the smallest of children. The list of horror stories of children being killed is endless. Barricade these piles or spread them out to make them safer
  • Debris – Whether in a pile or just spread out, the dangers of sharp objects, such as protruding nails, glass or sharp shards of wood, make them dangerous and tempting to explore. Get all your debris and trash into a container at the end of the day.
  • Open Excavations – These are especially “fun” for kids. Barricade access points and leading edges to prevent intentional or unintentional entrance.
  • Partially framed structures – Allowing access to these is key. What a child sees is a ready-made playhouse. Uncovered holes, sharp objects, nails and other materials and stairways provide entertainment. Restrict access and make all attempts to make your structure “benign” to kids
  • Scaffolding – To a kid, it’s a jungle gym. Take away as much access as possible.
  • Ladders – Ladders are a huge temptation. To a kid, they lead to adventure. Take ladders down and store them securely at the end of each day.
  • Partially installed utilities, especially water and electricity – Prevent any possibilities of electrocution be turning off electricity at the main switch and lock it out. Kids “playing” with water can cause excessive. Cut It off at the source as well.
  • Chemicals – Children don’t care about MSDS sheets. To them, containers of “stuff” look interesting. You can hear them saying, “Wonder what this stuff is?” before Pouring it out or spreading it onto something. Lock it away.

Danger - Construction Site: Keep Children Out!